XDLINX Labs join forces with Almagest Space Corporation to revolutionize space communication for ultra-speed broadband via E-band technology

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February 15, 2024

Hyderabad-based XDLINX Labs Private Ltd., an end-to-end nano and micro satellite platform developer, has secured a contract with US-based Almagest Space Corporation to build, launch, and operate in-orbit XDLINX’s XDSAT-NS satellite integrated with the miniaturized space-grade E-band communication payload developed by XDLINX for Almagest. The satellite, which will be powered by Antaris Space’s Cloud Software Platform and SatOS™ onboard software, will support Almagest’s Elevation E-band technology demonstration mission in low-earth-orbit (LEO) planned for mid-late 2024.

XDLINX will execute the Elevation mission in collaboration with Antaris and Ananth Technologies Ltd., an India-based aerospace technology company. This mission will provide Almagest with the foundation for its planned E-band global LEO two-way optically-connected satellite network for ultra-high throughput data delivery services. Almagest will then begin network deployment and provide limited commercial service with its two-satellite TwinStar mission planned for 2025-2026.

“This cooperation with Almagest represents a pivotal step forward in pushing the boundaries of space technology,” said Rupesh Gandupalli, XDLINX’s CEO and Co-founder. “We are proud to lead the charge in unlocking E-band’s transformative potential, redefining the future of space communication and ushering in a new era of unparalleled connectivity.”

Tom Barton, Antaris’ CEO and Co-Founder said “We are pleased to be a part of Almagest’s ground-breaking first mission. It is a perfect use case demonstrating how our Antaris Space Software platform can enable a very rapid mission timeline.” “Ananth Technologies is pleased to be collaborating with Almagest and XDLINX on this novel demonstration project as the systems manufacturing and Satellite AIT partner,” added Dr. Subba Rao Pavuluri, Chairman and Managing Director of Ananth Technologies.

Almagest’s CEO and Co-founder, Raghu Das, said “The commercial development of space-based E-band technologies is rapidly accelerating due to ever-increasing global demand for high capacity systems that deliver high throughput data at reasonable cost. Our Elevation mission is the first step towards creating a robust global constellation that will provide truly high-throughput services to meet high-capacity demand anywhere in the world, and we are very excited to be working with XDLINX and its partners to make our vision become reality. We look forward to moving beyond elevation and start providing early commercial point-to-point services commencing with our two-satellite TwinStar mission by 2026 before moving into high gear with the continued phased deployment of our planned gen-1 multi-satellite global constellation”.

About XDLINX Labs

XDLINX is an end-to-end ready-to-launch nano and microsatellite platform as a service provider for complete mission requirements from design, supply chain, build, integration and space qualify to mission operations. We enable national Sovereign Space Missions and our Platforms for Global Space Constellations. Learn more at www.xdlinx.space

About Almagest

Almagest is building a high-capacity and ultra-high throughput satellite data relay network utilizing E-band radio frequency and Free Space Optical communications. This revolutionary approach will deploy ultra-efficient inter-connected satellites operating in LEO orbit and establish large pipes for secured data transfer bypassing congested and vulnerable terrestrial networks. The thematic network architecture will support multiple independent satellite operators, each addressing a specific market segment such as aerospace & defense, oil & gas, financial, content distribution, and telecommunication backhaul. This “space backbone” will also function as a relay network for space data downloads and a conduit for in-space communications. Learn more at www.almagestspace.com.

About Antaris™

The Antaris Cloud Platform dramatically simplifies the design, simulation, and operation of satellites–bringing the best of terrestrial cloud computing to the space domain. Customers choose Antaris because they gain mission flexibility and have greater control over their supply web, resulting in faster time-to-orbit and lower overall lifetime operating costs. With investors including Lockheed Martin Ventures, Streamlined, Acequia, HCVC and E2MC, Antaris is revolutionizing Software for Space™. Learn more at www.antaris.space.

About Ananth Technologies

Ananth is a prominent player in the Indian space program, known for its comprehensive satellite Assembly, Integration, and Testing (AIT) facilities. Ananth’s state-of-the-art AIT facilities are equipped to handle satellites weighing up to 4000 kilograms, providing end-to-end solutions for satellite development and deployment. Beyond AIT, Ananth excels in the design and manufacture of Satellite Solar Panels. Additionally, Ananth is a leading manufacturer of spacecraft electrical and electronics systems, delivering components that meet the stringent requirements of space missions.