XDLINX Labs & Exotrail unveil first contract for propulsion

XDLinx Propulsion for small satellites

Press Release
Hyderabad/Paris – January 26th, 2024
XDLINX Labs, the end-to-end new space satellite provider, becomes first Indian customer of Exotrail, the global mobility service provider, purchasing Exotrail’s spaceware™ electric propulsion system for its GalaxEye Drishti demonstration mission.

Exotrail and XDLINX are delighted to partner together for the benefit of XDLINX Labs’ customers, supported by the Indian satellite provider on all their mission requirements – from satellite design, to building, integration, and space qualification through to mission operations.

Under this contract, one spaceware™ – micro system will be delivered for a GalaxEye Drishti demonstration mission, to fly the world’s first multi-sensor SAR + Optical Earth observation satellite. This will be the second spaceware™ product to fly aboard an Indian launch vehicle.

Exotrail’s spaceware™ portfolio will enable XDLINX Labs’ customers to benefit from Exotrail’s world-class propulsion solutions to fly all their cutting-edge missions. spaceware™, and its nano, micro, mini and cluster product configurations, is Exotrail’s space-proven Hall-Effect electric propulsion system for satellites ranging from 10 to 1,000 kg. spaceware™ – micro is a 150W propulsion system delivering more than 7mN of thrust for missions up to 60kNs and more. It provides an unrivalled trade-off between thrust compared to mass and volume efficiency.

Exotrail’s spaceware™ portfolio approach was a key factor in XDLINX Labs choosing Exotrail, as synergies between the nano and micro products allows them to offer their customers with reliable solutions for satellites from 12U up to 300kg.

Thanks to its high level of thrust and modularity, spaceware™ also drastically improves satellite deployment, increases service performance, and contributes to the reduction of space pollution.

This Indian-French commercial contract is announced on January 26th, the date of the Indian Republic Day 2024. This is a timely announcement as this year celebration marks a milestone in the cooperation between France and India. The President of the Republic of France, Emmanuel Macron, is attending the ceremony as an invitee of the Prime Minister of the Republic of India, Narendra Modi. Space is a fundamental element of the cooperation between France and India, as suggested by Exotrail being invited to partake the Indian national ceremony among the French companies following the French President. Both XDLINX and Exotrail are proud to strengthen the bond between the two nations and we are looking forward to build-up this link on future projects, for Earth observation notably.

On this occasion, Rupesh Gandupalli, XDLINX Labs’ CEO, shared his feelings about the partnership:
“We are extremely delighted to onboard Exotrail as one of our strategic partners in our customer GalaxEye’s very unique multi-sensor mission and other XDLINX Labs future missions.”

Exotrail’s CEO and cofounder Jean-Luc Maria, added:
“We are extremely thankful to XDLINX Labs! As a successful new player in India, their trust underlines the applicability of the spaceware™ portfolio to the Indian market, at the forefront of the space endeavors. XDLINX Labs is a great epitome of India’s impressive space capability.”

About Exotrail
Exotrail is an end-to-end space mobility operator. The company offers customers the ability to define their space mobility needs with the spacestudio™ mission analysis software, meet those needs with spaceware™ onboard propulsion systems and spacedrop™ in-space mobility services, and operate their solutions with the spacetower™ software. This complete mobility offering called mobilityhub™ allows satellites to optimize their deployment, increase their service performance, and reduce space pollution. Exotrail was incorporated in 2017 and has secured over 70M€ of funding. The company has more than 30customers in North America, Europe and Asia. Exotrail’s team is expanding quickly and consists, as of today, of +140 passionate people operating out of two locations in France (Toulouse and Massy) and from the US thourgh Exotrail US subsidiaries.
More information: https://www.exotrail.com/