Building Satellite Bus platforms for global missions

We are excited to announce the successful launch of Janus-1, our first in-house built 6U demonstrator satellite on February 10th marking a significant milestone for XDLINX Labs

We designed and built the smart satellite in just 10 months.



JANUS-1 is a software-defined 6U small satellite created entirely on the Antaris software platform. It was designed and built with mission participants from seven countries together with our partners in India. Antaris Inc partnered with XDLINX Labs for satellite hardware bus and Ananth Technologies for AIT and launch integration, AWS and ATLAS Space Operations providing ground station services.

Key Features:

  • Modular Bus, hardware abstraction that removes vendor lock-in or hardware dependency
  • Modular Payloads – capable of hosting multiple payloads with security and isolation
  • Onboard Edge computing capability for AI/ML, on-board decision making
  • Software Defined Radio – supporting S and X band for TT&S and data downlinking
  • Full functional TT&C software for satellite and payload operation
  • Onboard scheduler, and algorithms for orbit determination and control

Key Specification:

  • 6U Small Satellite
  • Distributed compute for bus, payload edge and SDR
  • 5 payloads: IoT communications, laser communications, machine learning GPU, coarse imager, FPGA
  • 3- Axis ADCS for pointing and stability
  • Onboard GPS
  • Electric Thruster
  • S band radio for TT&C
  • X band radio for data downlink – 200Mbps
  • Smart EPS: 68Wpeak generation, 126Wh capacity
  • Deployable Solar Panel
  • Onboard Edge Computing for AI/ML operation

Modular, Multi-Tenant Payloads:

Janus-1 hosts 5 different payloads from 5 different customers across the globe and will demonstrate the secure, modular, and scalable bus and payload platform architecture for space.

Payload and subsystem technology providers include AICRAFT, Netra, Morpheus Space, SayariLabs Kenya, SpeQtral, Transcelestial and Zero-Error Systems (ZES).

Payload Use Cases:

  • Laser Communication with direct optical links, with a coarse imager
  • IOT payload for VMS, security surveillance
  • High efficiency Edge Computer
  • High Efficiency OBC with integrated RF
  • COTS programmable FPGA
  • Quantum Computing- POC
  • Object Detection/ML-Ops for VHR Imagery


On February 10, 2023 we launched Janus-1, a 6U CubeSat carrying payloads from seven different countries. Our Smart Satellite Bus which is at the core of Janus-1 developed by our team, is the enabler & the foundation for our future space missions of different form factors We achieved cost savings of 75% over comparable satellite missions through indigenisation in a period of 10 Months

We are confident that Janus-1 will showcase our capabilities to customers globally through our value-added solutions.

Configurable Bus
Optimized Costs
Faster times to Space


We extend our heartfelt congratulations to our talented team members who have designed, built and launched our latest satellite