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Janus-1 is a software-defined 6U small satellite - designed, developed in record time of 10 months and launched in Feb 10, 2023. It's cost-effective, built 75% cheaper than traditional satellites


World’s first cloud-built demo satellite, launched by Isro’s mini-rocket SSLV-D2, made by an Indian firm

NEW DELHI: JANUS-1 satellite that rode on Isro’s new mini-rocket SSLV-D2 and reached its orbit successfully on Friday is the world’s first satellite fully conceived, designed and manufactured...

ISRO’s SSLV-D2 launch: The mini vehicle’s second flight, with promise on board

ISRO SSLV-D2 rocket launch: Scheduled for 9.18 am, the launch mission was successful and lasted around 15 minutes. It was ISRO’s first launch of 2023. In its second development flight on Friday...

GalaxEye inks MoU with US company to make satellites with SAR, optical sensors

India’s private satellite startup GalaxEye Space Solutions and US-based satellite software provider Antaris will build the world’s first satellite with synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and...


Started in 2022, fueled by ambition and the relentless pursuit of excellence in the space technology industry. With humble beginning and an audacious dream, we embarked on a mission to redefine space mission.

Today, XDLINX has an enthusiastic team with brilliant minds, each contributing their unique expertise to our mission. Together, we have evolved into a force to be reckoned with in the space industry.

How is the weight of a satellite related to the cost of fuel used in the mission?

When it comes to launching a satellite into space, the amount of fuel required is directly influenced by the weight of the satellite. The heavier the satellite, the more fuel is needed to propel it...

The crucial role of Constellation Satellites in National Development and Security

Constellation satellites have become indispensable assets for nations worldwide, playing a pivotal role in both development and security. These advanced technological marvels provide a wide range of...


The DNA of XDLINX labs, can be traced backed to the small satellite storm which was erupted in the Bay area in 2017.  Mr. Rupesh Gandupalli, CEO, XDLINX Labs has played a key role in not only...